Tuesday, December 27, 2005

National Psyche: Feminine vision, thought, and action during wartime

Curated and Developed by Elliot Lessing
Project Assistance by Julie Bohannon, Candice D’Amore, Jane Steele
National Psyche was supported, in part, by a grant from the San Francisco Arts Commission

National Psyche was realized, in part, through encouragement and support from:

Cheryl Pelavin Fine Arts (NY), Quint Gallery (La Jolla), IBID Projects (UK), Western Project (LA), McKenzie Fine Arts (NY), Stefan Stux Gallery (NY), Sarah Bowen Gallery (NY), 16Beaver Group (NY), Synthetic Zero (NY), Rosamund Felson Gallery (Santa Monica), Michelle O’Connor Gallery (SF), Wendy Cooper Gallery (Chicago), Zg Gallery (Chicago)

We thank ALL who helped to take National Psyche into the Global Public Sphere!


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