Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Free Bee: Gift Economies Expo
Saturday, March 4, 2-5 PM The LAB


Onsite Special Event Themes of access, gifting, and generosity are driving this delightfully public free event. 3 maverick thinkers serve up the brain cookies for a freewheeling Learn-In. Free yourself!

Free Bee Guest Presenters:

Timothy Tangherlini, Folklore Professor, Cal Berkeley
Presentation: Making Danish: Beer, Politics and Advertising
Political and commercial advertising crowd the Danish mediascape. While pitching a particular project or ideology, the advertisements also comment on the rapid demographic shifts that mark the Danish ethnoscape. The concept of what is a "Dane," once so easy to define, has shifted radically in the past ten years, and created an ever deepening rift in Danish political life, a rift that effects the daily lives of millions.

In an exploration that takes us from Danish political advertising, to television advertisements for Tuborg and Carlsberg Beer, this short presentation explores how competing images of Danishness react to and help define what it means to be a Dane in this ever changing ethnoscape, and the violent implications of these political changes for the daily life of Danes of non-Danish heritage.

Stacy Bond, KQED Producer, Founder of AudioLuxe
Presentation: Digital Storytelling in the New AudioScape
feat. excerpts from "Flight: A Story About TransAmerica"
Advances in digital technology now allow user-generated content to vie for attention alongside mainstream media content. Independent podcasts and internet radio are drawing audiences away from traditional audio content, because media consumers have only 24 hours in a day. Each minute they give to independent programming is a minute lost to commercial media. Now, with the traditional gatekeepers gone, compelling an audience becomes a very different thing. Authentic content counts, not mass appeal. Old techniques still apply in some cases, but not in others.

In the new AudioScape, the sound itself can be more intimate, more fun, more real. During this listening session, we'll deconstruct some current audio offerings and explore ways in which the popular audio-landscape is changing. Advances in digital technology now allow user-generated content to vie for attention alongside mainstream media content. And in many cases, the DIY stuff is winning.

Polly Stryker, Producer/Reporter
Presentation: Voices of Dissent: Forms of Protest
A recurring theme in some of Polly Stryker's radio features is how people voice dissent. Protest motivates people to express themselves in various ways. She will share these stories to illustrate different approaches to dissent -- both active and passive -- using art, the media, or simply doing nothing at all. These viceral stories will inspire us to reflect on how we voice our dissenting opinion as we proceed into the uncharted territories of our new globalized and connective worlds.


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