Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Daymare: New Documentary Terrain
Saturdays, February 25 and March 11, Screenings begin at 4 PM The LAB


Onsite Special Screenings Drop in, decompress, and check your reality at the door for this juicy new wave of artist-produced documentaries. 2 Saturdays. 2 different programs:

Saturday February 25: Enviromash-up
Gdansk: Talk Back by Andrew Demirjian 2004
Anthology of American Folksong by Steve Reinke 2004
Weekend in Moscow by Skip Blumberg 2002
Tea and Cookies Break
Introductions by Bill Basquin (live appearance)
Range: A Triptych in 16mm Film by Bill Basquin 2005

91 min total

Saturday March 11: Phosphorescent Identikit
A/K/A Mrs. George Gilbert by Coco Fusco 2004
Tea and Cookies Break
Is It Really So Strange? by William E. Jones 2005

111 min total


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